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Keys AHEC gives children and students a head start for a lifetime of good health.

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Scrubba Bubba - Personal Hygiene

Kindergarten & First Grade

Promotes proper hygiene behaviors that influence well-being, identifies ways to keep neat and clean, differentiates between germs, bacteria and viruses and describes how germs spread.

Bone Zone

Second Grade

Promotes the importance of proper nutrition, exercise and vitamin D for healthy bones.  It teaches the dangers of tobacco use, alcohol, non-physical activity and caffeine.

Show Down in Tooth Town

Third Grade

Focuses on proper oral healthcare, appropriate dental hygiene, healthy nutrition and how neglecting them adversely effects health and leads to the onset of many chronic diseases.

Walk Through the Heart

Fourth Grade

Teaches how to keep the heart healthy and strong through exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and explains contributing factors of heart disease.

Safety & First Aid

Fifth Grade

Promotes safety and first aid, especially related cardiovascular diseases.  Teaches students proper procedures in case of emergency and how to recognize and prevent risks.

Summer Camp

High School

In conjunction with Keys hospitals, students get a free one-week shadowing experience at hospitals and medical practices, observe surgery and ER rooms and learn about professional healthcare.

Health Occupations Program

High School

In partnership with the Monroe County School District, Keys AHEC sponsors a Healthy Occupations class where students work with local health professionals, tour medical facilities and prepare for advanced education.

Daycare Health Assessment Program

No-cost comprehensive medical evaluations for children age one through five who are medically at risk of economically disadvantages.

Hearing/Vision Assessments

Hearing and vision tests for targeted elementary and middle school students.  Assesses for myopia, heperopia, vision strength, astigmatism, lazy eye and hearing deficiencies.